Update für UFC bringt kostenlose neue Inhalte


EA Sports UFC Logo Playstation 4Für das Octagondebüt von Electronic Arts steht jetzt ein umfangreiches kostenloses Update bereit. Innerhalb dieses Updates sind auch gleich 3 neue Kämpfer untergebracht über die ihr ab sofort kostenfrei verfügen könnt. Ab sofort mit von der Partie: TJ Dillashaw, Tyron Woodley und Takeya Mizugaki. Die weiteren Inhalte des Updates gibts in der offiziellen Patchnote:

New & Updated Content

Addition of 3 new fighters. 2 in Bantamweight: TJ Dillashaw, Takeya Mizugaki and 1 at Welterweight: Tyron Woodley.
Updates to fighter records
Update TJ Dillashaw to be Bantamweight Champion in Career and default fighter in Fight Now
Updated Alexander Gustafsson’s tattoo
Gameplay – Added Finish the Fight. Allowing users to land extra shots as a fighter gets knocked out
Gameplay – Added sprawls when defending power takedowns
Gameplay – Added the ability to touch gloves at the start of every round


Added animation to submissive fighter when attempting full guard sweep to a postured opponent in full guard.
Added the ability to break out of cage clinch by pressing L3 button
Fixed an exploit where dominant fighter in full mount could sneak in punches from posturing up.
Fix for arm alignment issue for certain fighters in full mount
Removed power takedowns and side control sweeps from fighters that should not have them.
Stamina and damage changes are now relative to accelerated clock.
Stamina no longer regenerates if user holds block.
User takes a larger stamina penalty when hit while weak blocking.
Dominant fighter in full guard has larger window to reverse the full guard sweep to mount. Animation sweep takes longer.
Fixed rare submission issue where gates could be skipped.
Fixed issues with framerate during gameplay.
Fixed rare issue with loss of takedown functionality after denying cage clinch.
Fixed issues with referee standup during TKOs and submissions.
Fixed various physics issues.
Fixed various animation issues


Update to Renan Barao Bruce Buffer commentary


Opened Red Belt division in Championships
Opened Grand Prix Invitational tournament in Championships
Fix to online leaderboard stats displaying incorrectly in comparison to FighterNet profile
Fix to online disconnects in tournaments resetting user’s fighter
Fix to online disconnects  not reporting the game and no DNF given
Fixed issue with uploading highlight reels when game is suspended


Added a EULA tile in the Extras menu
Update to filtering of tutorial videos based on Language settings
Fix to Origin flow in unsupported language displaying unsupported text
Decreased difficulty of initial fighter after tutorials. User is unable to get knocked down during standup.
Fixed Create-a-Fighter icons for hates and tattoos
Fixed rare issue with incorrect Post fight NIS playing
Fixed rare crash that occurred during replays
Fixed issue with Game Face fighters having a seam around neck

offensichtlich hat Electronic Arts einiges nachgebessert und das freut uns. Vielleicht ist das Grund genug noch einmal ins Spiel reinzuschauen. EA Sports UFC ist seit einigen Tagen im Handel erhältlich. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß im Octagon mit den neuen Kämpfern.